My name is Josh Schoenwald, I'm a designer living in Los Angeles. I work to make elegant, beautiful, and useful things. I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing as well as can be imagined, and often better than that.

I constantly examine the world around me to and try to make the things I use just a little bit better. First it was toys and gadgets, later it was websites, and more recently it's been mobile apps. I appreciate well-thought, detailed, and transformative experiences; I love Disneyland.

I'm fanatical about the things I use and the work I do, and because of that I'm rarely fully satisfied with either; there's always something I'd change if I had the time or resources. But I like that: it keeps me thinking, and one insight here often leads to a revelation over there.

While I can spend hours sitting in front of a screen and seemingly never tire, I have interests in the physical world as well. I'm a husband and father, an avid baseball fan, college football fan, tennis player, and music connoisseur. I also enjoy many beverages that are fermented as well as some that aren't.

Since that surely isn't enough, I also like to write (often at length) about all the things I've just mentioned, so that's the sort of stuff you'll find here and on Twitter.

Resume [pdf]


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