Zen Backgrounds
I started this blog to showcase some of my photography that really shines on an iDevice. A fun side project. [currently on hiatus]

Jan. 2012

The Great Steakout
A site I designed that chronicles my friends and I as we search for the best steak in Los Angeles. it may just be the tastiest quest ever undertaken.

Jun. 2009

A star sapphire ring I designed for my wife's 30th birthday. I came up with the concept and designs, then had the ring custom made by jeweler Stephen Clarke.

Nov. 2007

Wedding Website
I made this website for my wedding, like a good nerdy fiancé. Hand-coded HTML, old skool-like. Yeah.

May. 2005

Topic Landscape
Research for my Master's Thesis was collected and presented in this website which served as both a collaboration and presentation tool.

Dec. 2004

This 'process book' represents the fruits of the 3-d modeling class I took. We used Maya software in rendering the objects. The process book shows the models I built along with some hand-drawn sketches.

Apr. 2003

Final project for a javascript programming course. It's a flash-based playable video game based on a moderately popular computer game first released in 1990.

Dec. 2002

This movie is the final project of a 3-d animation class. The task was to animate the emotions of a person reading a letter and reacting in some way to what was written. Our letter was informing a Mr. "Kraplak" that he is being watched in his home by the government...

Nov. 2002