White paper exploring the role of mobility in the events industry: a case study with the University of Virginia. [PDF]

Jan. 2013

White paper examining the problem of discovery in the mobile application landscape. [PDF]

Jan. 2012

While at Amp'd Mobile I directed the research efforts resulting in this set of success metrics and recommendations to improve Amp'd Live; our flagship product and content delivery system. (Digital, Print; Ilustrator, InDesign) [PDF]

Jul. 2007

My Master's Thesis; a methodology repurposing scenarios from a validation tool to an envisioning tool. Instead of using scenarios to verify a design, I show how they can be effectively used to come up with one. (Print; InDesign) [PDF]

Dec. 2005

Published paper in the proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 49th annual meeting. It describes scenario development as a tool for design envisioning using the case of Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT). [PDF]

Jun. 2005

Analysis and critique of some typical theories on decision making. Explores the differences between traditional decision-making theories with Cognitive Engineering methods. [PDF]

Feb. 2004

Re-design of a typical vehicle tachometer. The new design aims to make explicit the relationships between power and fuel ecnonomy rather than just displaying the RPM. (Flash)

Jun. 2003

Final paper for a course at Ohio State on multi-modal design. This paper examines phosphene-based vision as a means for developing a prosthesis which may be used to assist a blind person. [PDF]

Jun. 2003

UCSD Cog. Eng. course paper. We looked at the website for the Career Services Center on campus. This paper describes our methods. [PDF]

Jun. 2000