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Getting Rich in America

What's fascinating about the GOP tax proposals is their attractiveness to the middle class lies in the notion that the more you earn the more you should keep, and that's a proportional "more"—because obviously if you make more you will keep more. But their point is that the more you make, the higher proportion of your earnings should be yours to keep. This is endearing to those who make a lot of money, but it can be enticing to those middle-classers as well, since it portends a glorious future if they manage to increase their income by significant amounts. Sounds great! Sounds like the perfect motivation! What they often fail to recognize is that while it's tantalizing to think about the future, those same tax plans are actually making it much more difficult for them to reach that goal.

So while on the surface, the Democrats' plan of taxing higher earners at higher amounts may seem like a plan that helps out the middle class now but screws them when they make it rich, in reality that plan is actually what *enables* the middle class a much greater opportunity to reach those higher incomes.

And while under democrats' tax plan you may have to give up a higher proportion of your income, you still have more money than if you had not earned enough to incur such additional taxes. Oh, and the prosperity for the entire country improves as well. So, there's that.

Some would call this socialism, but we're not talking about showering the middle class and the poor with the riches of the top earners. We're talking about reducing the earnings gap that is getting absurd so the rich stay rich, and the middle class have an opportunity to become rich.

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